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Episode Summary

Katrina shares 12 things you can do to get started on your artist journey.

Episode Notes

The dancer, (12), and Katrina enjoy a visit from the dancer's favorite teacher: Mrs. Skousen, who has questions about how to start making art, how to find your style, and how to know what materials to use.

Katrina shares 12 things that have helped along her artist journey, and hopes they will help you...more importantly, that they will inspire you to find things that will get you started on your journey as each of our journey's will be different.

  1. go to an art supply shop & try new supplies
  2. get a museum membership and or visit local gallery strolls
  3. follow artists you enjoy online
  4. Listen to art podcasts and read art blogs/sites
  5. Meet with other creatives on a regular basis
  6. apply for art markets, shows, & make your own
  7. make make make!
  8. create in a series
  9. join in creative challenges
  10. take classes/workshops
  11. designate a space to create
  12. make art no matter what

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episode # 9: creating space for your passions

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