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our family's homeschool experience

Episode Summary

Katrina shares memories of being an artist mother, homeschooling 3 kiddos with baby twins...their adventure.

Episode Notes

If you have ever wondered what kind of crazy person would homeschool their kids...this episode is for you!

If you ever contemplated what homeschooling could look like...this episode is for you!

If you've ever wondered what type of commitment homeschooling entails...this episode is for you!

As with any episode, this is not meant to be a road map, rather a colorful illustration of our family's has journey. Every homeschool family set up is different, their process, curriculum, beliefs, desires and ultimately their execution will be different. May this answer *some of your homeschool curiosities, and give you the strength & courage to follow your own path in your children's learning adventure.

Throughout this episode, I'll be answering the typical questions of

Curriculum resources I mentioned:

Saxon Math

The 50 State: Explore the USA with 50 fact-filled maps! by Gabrielle Balkan

Discover America: From Sea to Shining Sea (illustrated by Julie Olson ...mentioned in episode 7)

Mark Rober on YouTube (science engineering)

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